IsSI LancasteR, 

Founder and teacher of IDYoga

I began my practice 6 years ago to recover from a knee injury. My practice was on and off until I was living in Canada where I practiced a combination of passive Yin and strong Vinyasa. I noticed how well the contrast of stillness and activity complemented my well being. There was a shift in my thinking and my physical body, which I was curious to learn more about. 

I am a Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow and Yin teacher and I’m so grateful continue to train under the guidance of my teachers; Tessa Chauhan, Sharon Gannon and Norman Blair.  Yoga interests me because of all of in the many systems in the body and how to bring them into alignment.

My Jivamukti classes are strong, creative and spiritual whereas my Yin classes are passive, full of information on the energy pathways, body and mind.

Everything in our body is interlinked. As humans we have some awareness of our physical body but we also have an energetic body, emotional body and intellectual body, which we are only just beginning to explore and realise. What an amazing concept. 

Gratitude to all of my teachers and supportive family and friends.



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