The beginning of the journey inward and outward in a nurturing and informative environment. This class will introduce you to the main principles of yoga; breathing, basic postures, alignment and meditation. Over time you will learn to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and breathe deeply; setting out on the path of discovering tranquility and focus.

All levels and abilities welcome




Jivamukti translates into 'liberation while living', feeling liberated, whole. The Jivamukti method is designed to achieve combining a strong vinyasa practice, intellectual stimulation and spiritual teachings.

Combining seamless sequencing, spiritual teachings and posture development, this classes are truly special. Based on principles of Ahimsa (non-violence), Bhakti (devotion), Dhyana (meditation), Nada (sound), Shastra (scriptures), they will help you find ‘liberation while living’ (the transliteration of jivanmuktih).

'Originally founded by the colourful characters of David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984 and now an internationally renowned style which embodies yoga as a living translation of the Indian system in a way that western minds can comprehend.'
Indaba Yoga

For intermediate and advanced practitioners. I recommend that you have some basic knowledge of the yoga before attending this class. 




This practice is designed to increase range of movement and deepen flexibility. We will hold gentle seated and reclining postures for 3 or more minutes in order release tension from the deep connective tissues in the body.

Yin offers you the opportunity of space and inner reflection from a busy lifestyle. Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin provides some interesting insights into the movement of energy (Chi) in the body.

All abilities welcome




A class tailored to your personal interests and goals. A private class gives you time and space to explore new depths of your practice, refine asanas, work around injury, strengthening, flexibility, cultivating a daily practice or even a sanctuary yoga space in your home. 

There are some many elements of yoga. Private yoga can really be anything that resonates with you, which is what is makes it so special.